“A number of the refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries are fleeing persecution on the basis of their sexual orientation. But consider that not everyone wants to escape their families or their countries – or, for that matter, they may not want to reject the religious institutions that nevertheless damn them.

That’s the basis for Vancouver writer Hasan Namir’s God in Pink, his debut novel set in war-torn Iraq in 2003. Inspired by Namir’s personal experiences – he grew up in Iraq and moved to Canada in his early childhood – the novel follows two characters: Ramy, a gay university student, and Ammar, a local sheikh. Passages alternate between the two characters’ points of view, with a different font for each. God in Pink is a simply written, thinly disguised “message” book that decries the torment of being different in a rigid society. But the plot is contemporary and it’s intriguing; an unbending adherence to religion is the vehicle by which both characters are changed. It’s interesting for readers to witness how the characters hold dear these ties and to see the cost of keeping them.” – Winnipeg Review

We will discuss the book, his writing process and have some time to socialize!

Snacks and refreshments provided, donations kindly accepted.

We have 10 copies of the book to lend out to the group at no cost courtesy of the Vancouver Public Library!

(Please arrange to Pick up your book copy at a time convenient for you at ICOAAT office at 1012 – 207 West Hastings at Cambie by emailing us at icoaat@gmail.com)