Dominion Reading Series

Curated with diversity and inclusion.

The Dominion Reading Series is an intimate monthly reading series held in the Dominion Building and at times in other larger venues. It is open to unpublished and published writers and is focused on highlighting the work of writers whose work explores their own intersectionality and politics.

Dominion Reading Series Format:

Open to any genre

Each writer gets 23 minutes
• 10 mins for a reading
• 5 mins for discussing their creative process
• 5 mins for talking about something else they are interested in
• 3 mins Q+A

• 1 out of town visiting writer (if any available)
• 2 local writers (sometimes more)

Writers are encouraged to bring their books or any other merchandise they have to sell at this event.

*Snacks and refreshments available. If you are interested in reading or hosting at an upcoming reading series, please email

Dominion Reading Series Readers:

Shashi Bhat

Lily Quan

Els Patterson

Lydia Kwa

Linda King

Jami Macarty

Fawn Parker

Mary Duffy

Blair Trewartha

Rena Graham

Claudia Cornwell

Elen Ghulam

Cynthia Sharp

Jane Shi

Danielle LaFrance

Raoul Fernades

Adrienne Gruber

Hasan Namir

Mohamad Kebbewar

Aidan Chafe

Christopher Evans

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Curtis LeBlanc

Lara Varesi

Carol Shillibeer

Jennifer Zilm

Kevin Spenst

Elaine Woo

Tara Wohlberg

Candie Tanaka

Joan B Flood

Sylvia Symons

Yaana Dancer

Jackary Tudor

Daniela Elza,

Chelsea Comeau

Kevin Kokoska

mia susan amir

Anahita Jamali Rad

Ashley-Elizabeth Best

Trina Loreen Ferguson

Taryn Hubbard

H.C. Phillips

Christine Lai

Lisa Milne

Chelene Knight

Dani Henry Crawford